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Quote 3 is the only company to provide you with guaranteed satisfaction. For over 10 years, we've been committed to quality, value, and a commitment to our customers.

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Our new platform allows companies, influencers, and entrepreneurs with the ability to collaborate, organise, and schedule appearances as well as getting their voice heard in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine a place where you can find the answers to all your questions. A place where you can hang out for a while and ask any question, then find the answer in the blink of an eye.

How Does Quote 3 Work?

Quote 3 works by connecting clients in need of a service with one of our vetted, registered service providers. We ensure the highest quality by following up with a survey to the client and the service providers on how the experience was.

Is Quote 3 Trustworthy?

Absolutely! Our track-record in protecting the information entrusted to us is a point of pride. Our thorough checks show that the right people are showing up to do the work.

Is Quote 3 Free?

It most certainly is free for the client wanting a service provider! However, for the service provider, if they qualify, it is free for 7 days and then they enter a subscription agreement. The amount they pay depends on the plan in which they have selected.

Is Quote 3 Australian Owned?

Quote 3 is an Australian-owned and operated business that has been inspired by Australia's small business culture and economics. We are proud to say that our online model is built to cater specifically to the needs of the Australian community.

Quote 3 How To Pay?

Paying is easy. You would have been instructed to enter your credit card details upon sign up. This then enters a subscription model powered by Stripe, and payments are automatically processed in monthly intervals from the moment you became a registered business.

What Does Quote 3 Cost?

The cost of quote 3 depends on the type of plan that you have. All of our plans are viewable within our signup page, which you can find by clicking register within the type right hand corner.

Subscriptions Lengths?

If you are a registered business? As long as you want! You can continue to use subscription payments until you cancel the service. Keep in mind, though, that if you don't meet the status quo with our clients, we may cancel your subscription.

How Often Do I Pay?

Our subscription payment frequency is monthly from the time you register as a service provider with Quote 3. However, if you miss a payment with your subscription you may be cancelled and another service provider be placed in your local area without notice.

How many leads can i get from Quote 3?

Unlimited! Quote 3 does not put any limit on how many leads a registered business can receive. One day you might get 2 leads and the next day 35 leads plus. Just remember that we do this by distributing them to 3 different professionals.

Does Quote 3 have native mobile apps?

We're working on it! When Quote 3 started this journey, we thought that each business is different and rather than having a mobile app that one individual can access, we decided to create a web app to meet everyone's needs. That way if you have a sales team and or a scheduler within the office you can delegate the tasks that Quote 3 generates.

I forgot my password?

In the event of an issue, please try to log in using all credentials. If this is unsuccessful, please proceed with resetting your password. This will do the trick and you'll be back on track in no time!

Can i cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription to this service at any time by following simple steps. If you follow this process, you will be cancelling your subscription and will no longer be billed.

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