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Emergency Plumbing

If you've got a plumbing emergency, don't panic! Just click the link and someone will take care of you as soon as possible. We're available 24/7 and are happy to help out with any plumbing emergency that might come up.

Pipe Relining

Pipes are important. they keep your house cool, they keep your house warm, they bring water to you. and when pipes become too old, they need to be replaced. which is where we come in. we're experts in pipe relining and we can help you get it done right the first time.

Blocked Drains

We provide the best in waterproofing solutions for your home or commercial property. We have a range of plumbers for stubborn blockages, guaranteed to get the job done. Whether you need a full consultation or just a quick fix, we'll have your drains clear in no time.

Tap Repair

Tired of having to replace your entire water tap every time it breaks? Here's the solution you've been waiting for. We come to your home and fix the tap in no time at all, and since we're a licensed company, you'll know that it'll be done properly!

Leak Detection

With leak detection plumbing, you'll be able to find any leak with patented sprayer systems that are used by our professionals. We come out and pinpoint the leak for you and stop it before it becomes a problem.

Backflow Prevention

Air conditioning ducts are the components of an air-conditioning system that transport cool air from the condenser to the rooms. They often consist of a series of metal pipes, insulation, and sheet metal in order to prevent loss of cool air.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Inspecting you're own drains you are never going to make it out of the house without having your clothes covered in black sludge. Enter CCTV - the best drain inspection camera for plumbers to solve all your drainage issues and preventative maintenance work.

Hot Water Systems

It's time to ditch your old standby, the kettle you've been using since your first apartment. Get in touch with a plumber today to install a hot water system like you've never had before. You'll never want to go back to sipping on lukewarm tea or coffee again.

Gas Fitting

When it comes to gas fitting plumbing, trust the experts. We have the experience and expertise to seamlessly work with your home's pipes, no matter what type of gas you're using.

Roof Plumbing

For a leak-free and durable roof, look no further than the roof plumbers of your neighbourhood. Our contractors work quickly and efficiently while delivering excellent customer service.

Domestic Plumbing

We offer a variety of domestic plumbing services, from plumbing installation and repair to maintenance. We do routine plumbing inspections and offer full support for your residential plumbing needs.

Storm Water Drainage

Storm water drainage is a very important topic for home owners and offices. Our high quality service is designed to keep storm water drainage systems running smoothly.

How Much To Re-Plumb A House?

The average cost for this job is $5,500 but the expense can vary depending on factors such as the size of the house, whether you hire a professional plumber and whether you would like keep exisiting sections.

Plumbing Cost For A New House

The cost of plumbing a new house in Australia varies depending on the size and type of the house, as well as whether or not you are doing all the work yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

Cost Of Plumbing A Bathroom

It can be difficult to calculate how much a plumbing job will cost without knowing the specifics of your project, but on average, plumbing labour and materials will cost around $3500. This does not include fixtures.

Average Plumbing Rates in Australia

Plumbers in Australia typically charge by the job, with rates varying between $50 and $500 an hour. Plumbers typically charge a higher rate when they are called out to an emergency situation.

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