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Residential Electricians

Electrical systems, wiring and components utilised in residential areas such as single-family homes, apartments and other dwellings are referred to as Residential Electrical. Electrical systems are an essential part of your home, both inside and out.

Commercial Electricians

Non-residential buildings like offices, stores, etc. require electrical systems and associated wiring & components for them to function properly. Electrical installation plays an important role in keeping any building  operational. It encompasses the electrical service that brings power into the building, wiring and circuits that are used to distribute electricity, as well as electrical outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in dealing with complex electrical systems in industrial settings. Their expertise is essential for the installation, maintenance and repair of sophisticated machinery used in factories, power plants and other large-scale industrial sites.

Outdoor Power & Lighting

Electricians are the unsung heroes who bring light to our outdoor spaces. They are masterful when it comes to providing electrical services for both residential and commercial buildings. Illuminate your garden or car park with the help of experts. If you're looking for something subtle or bright, they have the expertise to make your outdoor space admired by all.

Testing & Tagging

Protect your workplace from the potential hazards of electrical equipment by taking advantage of our testing and tagging services. Be safe, adhere to the AS3000 standard and avoid any ticking time bombs! We promise to provide a good service for your equipment so you can have a worry-free experience.

Smoke Alarms

Don't sleep on fire safety! Keep your loved ones and property protected with our professional smoke alarm maintenance services. We'll check, clean, and test your smoke alarms to make sure they're working properly and ready to sound the alarm in case of an emergency.

Downlight Replacement

Don't let your downlights bring you down! Keep your home or office well-lit and up to code with our professional downlight replacement services. We'll swap out those old, dim bulbs with shiny new ones, ensuring your space is bright, safe, and looking its best..

Surge Protection

Don't let a power surge knock out your power! Keep your home or office safe and secure with our professional surge protection maintenance services. We'll check, clean, and test your surge protectors to make sure they're working properly and ready to defend against those pesky power surges.

Electrical Installations

Upgrade your home and power up your life with our expert electrical installation services. No more fumbling with wires or tripping over extension cords. Upgrade your home today with Quote 3 and start enjoying the benefits.

Solar Panel Installers

Go green and save some green with our solar panel electrical installations. Say goodbye to high electricity bills and hello to clean, renewable energy. Upgrade your home today and enjoy the benefits of innovative technology that can provide a better living experience and help you save money in the long run.

Smart Home Automation

Imagine being able to control your home from your phone, no more running back home to check if you locked the door or turned off the lights. Upgrade your home today and enjoy the perks of living in the 21st century with our innovative technology you will have a better living experience, you will be able to control, monitor and automate your home effortlessly and remotely

Switch Board Upgrades

Upgrade your switchboard today and enjoy the benefits of innovative technology that can provide a better living experience, and ensure the safety of your home and family.

How much will it cost to fix my electrical problem?

It is impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate without more information about the specific electrical problem you are experiencing. Factors such as the location and extent of the issue, as well as the materials and labor required to fix it, will all affect the total cost. It is best to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician to diagnose the problem and provide a detailed cost estimate.

Is it affordable to have LED lights installed in my home or business

LED lighting offers an affordable solution for any home or business. Installation costs depend on size and number of bulbs being replaced. It’s a popular choice due to its cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and long lifespan - resulting in lower installation costs in the long term.

What's more, many utility companies are now offering appealing rebates and incentives to encourage customers to upgrade to LED lighting, substantially reducing the cost of installation.

What is the cost for an emergency electrical repair service?

The cost of emergency electrical repair services can vary depending on factors such as location, the extent of the problem, and the materials and labor required for the fix. Furthermore, emergency services usually cost more due to the fact that they often require immediate attention after regular business hours.

Average Plumbing Rates in AustraliaWhat are your hourly rates for an electrician?

The cost of an electrician's services may differ based on a multitude of aspects, like location, experience, and specific job requirements. Hourly rates can range anywhere between fifty to one-hundred-fifty dollars. It's best to contact a few different electricians from Quote 3 or electrical companies in your area and get quotes for the work you need done in order to get an idea of the cost.

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