Blake James

Blake James

Founder and COO

Blake has skills in website design and search engine optimisation. He loves all things websites.

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“Thankfully, perseverance is a great substitute for talent.”

I`m Blake James. I'm a 38-year-old Sydney sider with a passion for SEO. I live it, I breathe it and I am driven by results. My digital marketing journey started many years ago as a PLC programmer and graphics designer. Back then, I was just a novice trying to find my feet. I then set off on a quest for knowledge and education in the world of digital marketing and website design.

I spent a couple of years learning the ins and outs of search engine optimisation and website design. I put everything I learnt into my business website. Shortly after, my website reached the number one position for multiple keywords and the phone started to ring. People noticed my instant success and began to ask questions. I shared my story with some close friends, but still held my cards tight to my chest.

This is what spurred the start of Quote 3 and I am still driven by that feeling today. Word spread and it wasn’t long before people were calling, messaging or emailing asking if I could do the same for them and their business. Quote 3 is now here to stay and help businesses out with all their digital marketing needs. If you have the drive and are looking for that extra boost to have your phones running off the hook, then be sure to touch base with me.